Realtors are busy people.

Realtors are busy people, and we all know this, but it's easy to forget just how much this affects your available amount of time.

So let's put it into perspective. Once you sign the contract with the seller, putting up a listing would likely take you between 4-8 hours, the average amount of time it takes most realtors. The total amount of time depends on your specific programs and websites you use to market the seller's property.

Now you can do some simple math. If you put up 3-6 listings a month, that's 12-48 hours a month you're dedicating just for marketing properties. If marketing isn't your cup of tea, then this probably isn't what you envisioned doing when you wanted to become a realtor.

It's also not what most people imagine when they think of realtors. In fact, your clients might think that you're just being lazy, but you and I know this isn't the case.

You could use that extra time to reassure your clients, find more clients, or just spend quality time with your family and friends who feel like they never get to see you anymore.

The bottom line is that outsourcing some of these tasks as you grow your business can be a life saver.

This is when you need a Listing Coordinator.

What is a Listing Coordinator?

The role of a listing coordinator isn't a new thing in the real estate world. There has always been a need for someone to "put the word out" for new property that's available for sale.

These days with how busy everyone is (especially realtors), professional listing coordinators have become more essential than ever before.

Realtors used to hire assistants to post listings online. However, these assistants would also do other tasks as well, and they would get paid hourly whether they were actually busy or not.

Listing coordinators on the other hand get paid a flat fee for listing your properties for sale.

What does a Listing Coordinator do?

We provide start to finish coordination of your real estate listings.  You'll never have to worry again about missing a step in the process. Listing coordination includes the following:

Open title

Communicate with your clients/follow up on correspondences

Prepare listing documents & send for client signature

Upload to MLS

Identify and track down missing components

Post listing on social media

Follow required state guidelines for paperwork and disclosures

Update the MLS with any required changes such as price, extensions, exclusions, etc

Order sign and utility locate, if required

In addition to the above, Susan and her team can also be contracted to print and restock flyers, produce and send post cards and hire and coordinate with a photographer to represent your listing in the best light possible.